About Us

What inspired us to go into the social signals business?

It’s simple – to provide savvy Spotify users with an alternative to the complete BS peddled by most so-called ‘specialists’.

Stay Safe, Stay Savvy

Make no mistake about it – low-grade social signals could pretty much destroy your Spotify profile. Buying social proof to get ahead isn’t a decision that should ever be taken lightly. Get it wrong and you could be looking at account suspension, account termination and complete reputation annihilation.

By contrast, get it right and you’ve every chance of kick-starting an incredible success story. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, there’s no better platform to promote yourself and your music than Spotify.

Our Role

Which is precisely where we come into the equation. There may only be three of us, but our collective experience in Spotify marketing is unrivalled. We’ve been doing what we do since the very beginning, helping savvy musicians climb the ranks and make their voices heard.

Long story short – we’re here to show you the way. As a 100% independent service provider, we’re free to tell it like it is. We only ever recommend Spotify specialists with a proven track-record and a strong following of satisfied customers. We put the best (and worst) to the test and we report back on our findings – it really is as simple as that!

Ask the Experts

Use our independent reviews and ratings to find a Spotify specialist you can trust, avoiding scam artists and frauds at all costs. If you run a Spotify marketing business and you’d like to be added to our ranks, get in touch and we’ll put your site through its paces.

Be warned though – we don’t sugar-coat our opinions never have, never will!

If you have any questions or would like to share your wisdom with the world, we’re standing by to hear from you – get in touch anytime!

“If you’ve been burned nearly as many times as I have, you’d do well to give these guys a call. I run a small Spotify marketing firm and I know how hard it is to come across honest information. All three of these guys have personally helped me get things done over the past couple of years and I’d highly recommend their services to anyone.” - Steve Nicol

“What can I say except keep up the good work! Followed their recommendations a bunch of times and I’ve always been totally satisfied with the outcome. Nice guys too, which is always a bonus!” - Jon Champion