Pros And Cons Of Buying Spotify Followers

The key to success in today’s digital marketing landscape lies in two things – innovation and variety. Quite simply, you need to explore and experiment with as many different channels as possible, if looking to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Precisely why more artists than ever before are buying Spotify Followers to boost their performance and position on the platform.

Social proof in general has the potential to immediately and permanently enhance your credibility, visibility and authority on the world’s biggest social networks. But at the same time, buying social proof like Spotify Followers has always been a somewhat controversial subject. For every marketing specialist telling you it’s a great idea, you’ll find a conscientious objector somewhere arguing otherwise.

Which is why we thought we’d present the pros and cons of buying Spotify Followers in a balanced, objective and digestible overview. It’s entirely up to you to decide whether or not buying Spotify Followers is for you, but the following arguments for and against the idea could help guide your decision:

Advantages of Buying Spotify Followers

  • Social proof is everything

    First and foremost, social proof can and often does make all the difference on competitive platforms like Spotify. The whole concept coming down to nothing more than basic psychology – we see an artist who appears successful and we automatically assume they must be doing something right.

    It’s the classic case of popularity inspiring confidence. Two similar artists within the same genre – one with 60 Spotify Followers and the other with 65,000 Followers. Which of the two do you instinctively assume is more successful, and therefore better?

    Put simply – the size of your audience says a lot about your credibility and authority as an artist. In this instance, more is always better.

  • The bandwagon effect

    Popularity doesn’t just inspire confidence – it also breeds further popularity in its own right. Often referred to as the bandwagon effect – or ‘monkey see, monkey do’ if you prefer – it’s a common phenomenon, wherein we’re far more likely to do something if everyone else is doing it.

    Using the same example outlined above, the artist with 65,000 Followers is far more likely to attract new Followers than his or her less-popular counterpart. Irrespective of the quality of the music they produce, we instinctively read into popularity as something we want to be a part of.

  • The strongest possible start

    Buying Spotify Followers can be useful for just about any artist, though is a particularly powerful strategy for newcomers to the platform. When you start out on Spotify for the first time, chances are you’re going to struggle to attract more than a handful of Followers. Hence, you may well find yourself stuck in something of a rut, where you’re unable to generate any real interest in what you do.

    Rather than sitting around and waiting for miracles that may never happen, the alternative is to buy a bunch of Spotify Followers to set the wheels in motion. In doing so, you immediately boost your credibility in the eyes of others, not to mention your visibility on the platform. After which, things might just start taking care of themselves naturally.

  • Effective and affordable marketing

    Despite being one of the most effective and potentially-powerful of all Spotify promotional strategies, buying social proof is also comprehensively affordable. It’s therefore one of the only realistic ways smaller and newer artists can effectively level the playing field with more established players.

    Buying social proof means looking at relatively minimal costs, which could in turn generates a truly remarkable ROI. It’s simply a case of joining forces with a social seller you know you can trust – one with a track record for getting the job done safely and effectively.

  • Immediate impact

    Last but not least, promotional strategies that involve social proof are also capable of delivering instantaneous and ongoing results. Rather than sitting around and carrying out in-depth analysis to see if anything is actually happening, the full benefits are received the moment your new Followers are delivered.

    Speaking of which, the better social sellers on the market right now are capable of delivering authentic Spotify Followers in huge numbers within a matter of hours. So even if your Spotify account isn’t looking great today, you could be looking at an entirely different picture this time tomorrow.

Disadvantages of Buying Spotify Followers

  • They’re not actually real

    On the downside, even the Followers you buy that come from active and authentic Spotify accounts aren’t what you could call ‘real’ Followers. The reason being that while they may boost the numbers to enhance your appeal, chances are not a single one of them is going to listen to your music.

    As such, you’ll not actually buying an audience of engaged Followers or fans. Instead, you’re simply making an investment in perceived popularity and visibility. Social proof can be enormously effective, but you need to have realistic expectations.

  • Not a complete solution

    In addition, you can’t expect to get by simply with an extensive audience of purchased Spotify Followers alone. Think of it this way – you purchase hundreds of Followers, yet your audio tracks are attracting almost no plays whatsoever. Along with doing little to boost the perceived popularity of your music, this is also a great way of being detected as a fraud.

    If you’re going to make an investment in Spotify Followers, it’s a good idea to balance things out with other types of social proof. Once again, it’s a case of presenting yourself and your music in a credible and authoritative manner, in order to ensure that whatever it is you have to say is taken seriously.

  • Unscrupulous sellers

    Perhaps the single biggest risk when it comes to buying Spotify Followers is falling victim to an unscrupulous or downright dodgy seller. The problem being that there are far more substandard sellers on the market right now than those doing things properly.

    Fall victim to a scam artist and you could be looking at wasted time, effort and money. Worst of all, you could end up with the kind of low-grade Followers that are easy to identify and could land you in trouble. This is precisely why we strongly recommend working exclusively with the highest-rated Spotify specialists on the market – those with an established reputation that speaks for itself.

  • No guarantees

    Last but not least, it’s important to remember that even the best Spotify specialists out there have absolutely no control over the platform itself. Or to put it another way, if Spotify makes the decision to make any radical changes are out of nowhere, all the social proof you purchased could immediately be rendered null and void.

    On the plus side, the likelihood of this happening is minimal. Particularly when it comes to Spotify Followers – authentic Followers from active accounts have always been something of a safe bet. Nevertheless, it’s once again a case of adjusting your expectations accordingly and approaching the whole thing mindfully.