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Buy Real Media Review Buy Real Media Review
December 25, 2019

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Buy Real Media Review


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Buy Real Media Review : In a Nutshell

Spotify is the ultimate platform for musicians and music lovers alike. Millions of artists from all over the world, all competing for the same attention. As an artist, to build a strong following on Spotify is to kickstart an incredible success story. Nevertheless, standing out from the crowd means doing whatever it takes to build a credible and appealing image.

This is precisely where Buy Real Media claims it can help. Selling a ton of promotional products for Spotify, they claim to hold the key to gaining that all-important edge. Having put their products and services to the test, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend checking them out. Specialising in Spotify Plays, Followers and so much more besides, Buy Real Media is a one-stop shop for artists looking to get ahead.

Buy Real Media Review : In Depth

About Buy Real Media

Don’t let the fact that Buy Real Media hasn’t been around for long fool you. The team behind the scenes has been providing social media marketing services for more than a decade. Buy Real Media was established to provide artists, individuals and businesses worldwide with quick and easy access to high-quality social signals. In the case of Spotify, they’ve already earned a stellar reputation among discerning musicians at all levels.

To see whether Buy Real Media lived up to the hype, we place a simultaneous order for 1,000 Spotify Plays and 500 Spotify Followers. We were promised complete delivery of our order within three working days, after which we carefully monitored activity on our test Spotify account. From start to finish, we genuinely couldn’t have been more impressed with what we saw.

Service Plans

In this instance, we were only interested in the Spotify services on offer at Buy Real Media. Nevertheless, we checked out the rest of the firm’s product portfolio, which extends to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and countless other major platforms. In total, there are hundreds of products and combined packages available to suit all requirements and budgets. The prices were far from the lowest we’ve come across, but we’re firm believers in value for money over rock-bottom rates.

Terms and Guarantees

Before going ahead and placing an order, we take the time to evaluate a seller’s terms and conditions. Entering into any kind of contract blindly is never a good idea. Tedious as it is, the importance of consulting every term published cannot be overstated. In the case of Buy Real Media, everything seemed to be above board:

Terms and Conditions
  • The terms and conditions document doesn’t contain any unnecessary jargon or complex clauses.
  • The basic obligations of the company and the customer are outlined and communicated concisely.
  • Buy Real Media exclusively offer services for authorized users of the respective Spotify account, who must be over the age of 18.
Privacy Policy
  • Customers may request the removal of their private data from Buy Real Media’s servers at any time.
  • Extensive efforts are made by the company to safeguard customers’ personally-identifiable information.
  • Under no circumstances will customers’ private data be sold or distributed to third-parties for marketing purposes.
Refund Policy
  • A reassuring satisfaction guarantee accompanies every sale, which relates to the firm’s capacity to deliver the of the products and services requested in a timely manner.
  • Buy Real Media’s refund policy does not apply in the event of service interruptions or disruptions that are beyond the direct control of the company.
Retention Policy
  • Any purchased Spotify Followers that drop within the first 180 days will be replaced free of charge, as part of Buy Real Media’s retention warranty.

Customer Support

We’ve always seen customer support as a deal-breaker – an important insight into the kind of company you’re dealing with. Before placing our order with Buy Real Media, we used their live-chat facility to submit a series of simple yet important questions. Response times were generally good and the representatives we encountered were professional and knowledgeable.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Full details of the questions we asked and the responses we received from Buy Real Media are outlined below:

Our Questions
When can expect to see my new Spotify Followers?

You’ll see the first Followers being added to your account within a few hours, after which we’ll gradually add the rest over 2 to 3 working days.

What about the Spotify Plays I order?

Plays can usually be rolled out a little faster while still maintaining authenticity. In all instances though, your order will be complete within three days.

How does it work?

All you need to do is point us in the direction of the Spotify profile or track/tracks you want to promote. We’ll then use active and authentic Spotify accounts within our own private network to deliver your new Followers and Plays.

Do you offer free samples?

Sadly not. You’ll need to place an order to see how it works, or check out our past customers’ reviews and ratings.

Can purchased Spotify Followers be detected?

If you buy them from us, the answer is no. We prioritise authenticity and ensure that every Follower provided is undetectable from the real thing.

What do you mean by authentic Followers?

We mean that they are provided by way of active and complete Spotify profiles, with complete bios, recent evidence of activity and Followers of their own. On paper, the same as the real thing.

Is there a risk of suspension or account closure?

No – none of the services we provide break the terms and conditions set out by Spotify. Everything takes place off-site, meaning you’re not in control and therefore cannot be held liable.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

When the last of our Spotify Plays and Followers had been delivered, we got back in touch with Buy Real Media with a few additional questions. Far too many social specialists show little to no interest in their customers after taking their money. In the case of Buy Real Media, we were pleasantly surprised by the promptness and general quality of their aftercare service:

Our Questions
What happens if my new Followers unfollow me?

If it happens during the first six months, we’ll replace them free of charge. Although it is unlikely to happen, they’ll probably stick around for much longer than this.

Does buying Spotify Plays really work?

Just as long as your music is up to scratch, yes. Buying Plays is a great way of enhancing the appeal and credibility of your tracks in the eyes of other Spotify users

Will the Followers I buy interact with my account or music?

No. They’re simply there to boost the numbers for image purposes. If you want additional Plays and so on, they can be bought separately.

What if anyone finds out?

They won’t. It’s never happened in the history of our business and we doubt it ever will!

Can I get a special deal if I place another order?

Sure, we’ll send a coupon code to your registered e-mail address – let us know what you need and when you plan to place your order.

Order Recommendations

We tested the services provided by Buy Real Media for Spotify, adding a bunch of new Followers to our profile and Plays to one of our test tracks. Having come through in both instances, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their Spotify services to others. Particularly anyone new to Spotify who’s looking to get off to the strongest possible start.

Daily Turnaround Time

We completed the payment process at around 10am and saw the first Followers being added to our account by lunchtime. A steady stream then continued for around 36 hours, with the final Plays and Followers manifesting long before the end of day-two. Buy Real Media kept its promise to deliver our order within three days, providing us with a total of around 5% more Followers and Plays than we actually ordered.

Quality of Spotify Followers

The only thing worse than having too few Spotify Followers is having a bunch of synthetic or spammy Followers added to your profile. Having carefully examined the Followers we were handed, we couldn’t be more impressed. Complete bios, unique profile pictures, Followers of their own, recent evidence of activity – everything you’d expect from a 100% genuine Spotify Follower. All in all, exactly as Buy Real Media promised.

Retention Rate

We’re yet to put Buy Real Media’s retention policy to use as we’ve only lost about a dozen or so Followers since completion of our order six weeks back.


Long story short – Buy Real Media is a Spotify specialist of a higher calibre. The services on offer are neither the cheapest nor the most complex you’re likely to come across. In terms of authenticity and effectiveness however, they’re as good as it gets.

Particularly on platforms like Spotify where image is everything, you genuinely cannot put a price on quality.


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Linda Badillo
I ordered several orders with Buy Real Media since the time I created my first album. They have been very professional in delivering their services. They owe my future orders too. Perfect service.

James Bugarin
When you order the Spotify plays for your tracks, you can make sure the peace of mind is guaranteed. This is how Buy-real Media has made my order. Thanks a ton for your wonderful services.

Joseph Ray
You have been really wonderful for your service and for your timely help while I struggled for my bulk orders. You are only site who helped to get the followers count that can fit within my budget.

Randy Mitchell
It is you who made me to write this review. All the orders of mine were delivered on time with your extraordinary service. The real wonder is the followers are still stable after a long period of time. Thank you Buy Real Media

Shirley Miller
The service level that you provide to customers cannot be expressed much with words. My tracks would have not got these many Spotify plays without your services. It really helped me to go better with my counts in this fast moving competitive world. Appreciate all your help

Norma Lacey
Great service is assured when order is placed with Buy Real Media. This is what I have experienced every time with you. Keep doing the good job, Buy Real Media

Donna Jenson
I got all my 10000 followers within 10 days of time. I am super excited with this service. Great job.

Jose Hannah
You proved that your services are never a joke. I got all my play counts to my tracks. You are unbelievably great.

William Knox
Buy Real Media has never let me down whenever I order the followers and plays with them. They are very professional in their services and this is complete peace of mind.

Ricky Thompson
I cannot believe myself that this is the 4th order that has got delivered to me. You make me never turn around to any other competitors. Simply awesome.