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MediaMister Review MediaMister Review
December 25, 2019

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MediaMister Review


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MediaMister Review : An Overview

Rather than taking things for granted, we prefer to personally put the web’s leading Spotify specialists to the test. In the case of MediaMister, we ordered a joint package of 500 Spotify Playlist Followers and 500 Spotify Profile Followers, in order to see how these guys performed when put to the test.

From start to finish, we couldn’t have been happier with the way the project played out. The initial order was placed quickly and efficiently, the Followers added to our Spotify account were first-rate and the prices charged were more than fair. We were also particularly impressed by the provision of retention warranties and satisfaction guarantees as standard. Going by our own personal experience therefore, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MediaMister’s Spotify Services to others.

MediaMister Review : In Depth

About MediaMister

MediaMister has been in business for around six years now, during which time they’ve done a pretty good job building an established fan-base worldwide. Based in Arizona, though offering Spotify services worldwide, they’re currently listing a handful of specialist services for the world’s most popular promotional platform for musicians.

Alongside Spotify, MediaMister also provides an extensive catalogue of social proof for pretty much every major and minor social network going. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine and many so on – all bases covered, with custom services are available for anyone looking to combine packages together.

Service Plans

Their current list of Spotify Services is relatively compact, though extends to all essential social signals for the platform. We personally picked up a bunch of Playlist Followers and Profile Followers to test their quality, but there’s also the option of buying Plays, Fans and anything else you need.

Terms and Guarantees

It’s important to fully consider the terms and conditions laid out by any social seller, before going ahead and placing an order. MediaMister keep things relatively simple – more information about our findings detailed below:

Terms and Conditions
  • The Terms of Service on the MediaMister site are concise and easy to understand.
  • The company can deny service provision at its sole discretion.
Privacy Policy
  • MediaMister publishes a relatively standard Privacy Policy.
  • Personal information is never sold or distributed to third parties for marketing purposes.
Refund Policy
  • In the event that the order is not delivered as promised by MediaMister, customers may be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.
  • The refund policy does not apply when delivery is delayed due to circumstances beyond the company’s control.
Retention Policy
  • An extensive 180-day retention guarantee is provided with every purchase as standard.

Customer Support

We contacted the customer support team at MediaMister on a handful of occasions, in order to gauge how quick and easy it is to speak to someone behind the scenes. We used the Live-Chat facility on each occasion, which in most instances resulted in a response within a couple of minutes.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

As part of our review process, we also ask a series of relatively standard yet important questions. In terms of both response times and the quality of the responses provided, MediaMister consistently exceeded our expectations. Every member of the support team we dealt with was courteous, professional and able to provide us with the information we required. The specific questions we asked you’ll find detailed below:

Our Questions
How long before you begin delivering my Followers?

"We usually begin the delivery process within a couple of hours, fully completing delivery in 72 hours or less."

What if I don’t see my new Followers arriving?

"If we fail to deliver your new Followers as promised, you’ll be entitled to a full refund.”

Will you add my new Followers all at once or gradually?

"It’s essential to ensure that the delivery process comes across as authentic, so we always add Followers gradually."

What do your Spotify Followers look like? Do you offer free samples?

“Unfortunately not, as to show examples of our work would be to potentially compromise the anonymity and privacy of our existing customers.”

What if anyone finds out I bought Followers?

"You don’t have to worry – our Spotify Followers come from real Spotify accounts, so they cannot and will not be detected as anything but the real thing."

Will the Followers I buy listen to my music and interact?

"Not usually. The Followers you buy are simply there to boost the numbers, so it’s unlikely they will take a genuine interest in your music.”

Can my Spotify account get suspended or banned?

"No. We only provide authentic Spotify Followers from real accounts, so Spotify will never detect that you’ve bought them. Your account is safe.”

Post-Order Questions and Responses

It’s also worth seeing how Spotify specialists handle aftercare. While some disappear without a trace, others are happy to offer their support and guidance long after the initial purchase. In the case of MediaMister, we sent a bunch of questions their way after completing our order – we couldn’t have been happier with the responses provided:

Our Questions
What if my new Followers leave? How long will they last?

"We provide a retention guarantee for 180 days, during which time we’ll replace any Followers that disappear from your account for any valid reason.”

Does Spotify ever remove Followers?

"Sometimes, but even if they do, you’ll be covered by our retention warranty. In most instances however, your new Followers will stick around permanently.”

Do you offer discounts on repeat orders?

"Sure we do. If you plan on placing another order, let us know and we’ll give you a coupon code for 10% off when you make your payment.”

Are you sure my Spotify account is safe?

"100% sure. Real Spotify Followers pose no risk to your account whatsoever.”

Order Recommendations

MediaMister’s Spotify services are marketed towards established and undiscovered artists alike. Buying Followers being a great way of kick-starting new Spotify profiles, or boosting the performance of existing accounts that are underperforming.

Daily Turnaround Time

In both instances, our Spotify Playlist Followers and Profile Followers were delivered in-full within the first two days. We also received a few extra Followers as an added bonus, which was a pleasant surprise.

Quality of Spotify Followers

It’s one thing to promise authentic Spotify Followers – it’s something else to actually deliver them. We always investigate the authenticity of the social proof we order, just to ensure we haven’t been handed a bunch of duds. In the case of MediaMister, every Follower we were provided with had its own unique and authentic-looking profile, with evidence of recent activity and complete believability. Buy a wide margin, some of the most authentic Spotify Followers we’ve come across to date.

Retention Rate

We haven’t yet had the chance to put MediaMister’s retention warranty to the test as we’ve barely lost any Followers since placing our order. That was six weeks ago, and things are still looking as strong as ever.


Getting it right with social proof means tracking down a seller you can trust. We’ve put a whole bunch of Spotify specialists to the test over the years – few having deliver the goods quite like MediaMister. In all key areas that counts, MediaMister met or exceeded our expectations significantly.

Authenticity, value for money, customer support, retention rates and so on – all pretty much as good as it gets. If looking to boost your performance on Spotify for any reason therefore, we’d strongly recommend giving MediaMister a shot.


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(Rated 4.7 / 5 based on 17 customer reviews)

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Cherry Arreguin
I just waited for the followers to follow in for the first album but never happened soon. Mediamister helped me a lot to gain the followers in real quick time. Thank you so much.

Herman Nunez
I ordered 500 followers and really surprised they got it on time. This makes me to refer this site to my friends and my band. Wonderful services from Mediamister

Jessica Payne
To my knowledge, mediamister is the only one site who can deliver the Spotify followers on time and fulfill your expectations. This is an amazing service site.

Charlene Roche
I have all the tracks included in my album and posted it on to the several social media site. Spotity was one where I was lagging. I ordered 1000 plays for my each track and they have delivered to make my tracks as most number of visited tracks in quick turn around time. Mediamister is awesome.

Dennis Brown
I love your service since you make me peace of my mind and this makes me to order the services every time with you. My Spotify would have not gained the followers without you and it is now beyond my expectations. Thank you Mediamister.

Janis Hill
I was not able to participate in any contest as my Spotify account do not have much followers. Once I ordered the followers with Mediamister, they delivered 1000 followers before the contest time and this helped me a lot to get selected in the contest. Thanks a ton to Mediamister.

Christopher Richins
I ordered the wrong link for which the plays cannot be delivered. Customer support did reach me to get the correct link and followed up with me to deliver the exact plays to exact track of mine. Their follow up from the first point is highly appreciated. Awesome service.

David Peter
I have ordered 5000 plays for the tracks with Spotify and they delivered it as promised. I rely on you every time for your best services. Thank you Mediamister.

Louis Anderson
My followers count has got increased in my Spotify and in turn this has increased my play count for my every track in the album. This is possible only with the help of Mediamister who delivered the followers. You are the best.

Holly Machen
I underestimated mediamister for the first time and ordered with only 1000 followers. They proved it wrong and delivered the followers as per the specified time frame. This is amazing.