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GetAFollower Review GetAFollower Review
December 25, 2019

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GetAFollower Review


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GetAFollower Review : In a Nutshell

With hundreds of social sellers competing for the same business right now, how do you choose the best Spotify specialist? The answer – you put as many as you can to the test and see who comes out on top.

Which is precisely what we’ve done – evaluated the services of dozens of Spotify specialists like GetAFollower. By far one of the most impressive social sellers currently in business, GetAFollower takes authenticity and value for money to an entirely higher level. All with the added bonuses of quality customer support and a reassuring satisfaction guarantee.

GetAFollower Review : In Depth

About GetAFollower

For the past six years, GetAFollower has been providing a dynamic range of promotional services for key social platforms like Spotify. During which time, they’ve built the kind of track-record of that largely speaks for itself. The difference with GetAFollower being their relentless commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction.

Over the years, GetAFollower has a massively expanded its product and service line-up to incorporate hundreds of premier promotional packages. In this instance, we placed an order for 500 Spotify Profile Followers and 500 Spotify Playlist Followers. We wanted to see whether these guys really could live up to the hype – the short answer being yes, they could!

Service Plans

The current catalogue of Spotify Services available at GetAFollower extends to Followers, Fans, Plays and so much more besides. All listed at surprisingly low prices, given the apparent authenticity and quality of the social proof up for grabs.

Terms and Guarantees

We always advise thoroughly consulting all terms and conditions laid out by brands like GetAFollower, before going ahead and making a purchase. Unlike some, GetAFollower isn’t in the habit of needlessly complicated things, simply for the sake of it.

Terms and Conditions
  • The terms of service set out by GetAFollower are a straightforward and easy to understand.
  • The company has the right to refuse its services at any time and at its sole discretion.
Privacy Policy
  • The Privacy Policy outlined by GetAFollower covers all major privacy concerns.
  • GetAFollower promises to never sell or distribute customers’ private information for marketing or promotional purposes.
Refund Policy
  • GetAFollower offers a 30-day refund period on all products and services.
  • If orders are not delivered within the agreed time, the customer may be entitled to a full or partial refund.
Retention Policy
  • An extraordinary 180-day retention guarantee applies to all products and services purchased from GetAFollower.

Customer Support

The provision of quality customer service is often where social sellers fall short of expectations. In the case of GetAFollower, we were genuinely surprised by the quality and promptness of the support we were provided with from start to finish.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Though email is an option, we’d personally recommend contacting GetAFollower by way of Live Chat – the response times were significantly faster. As usual, we threw a bunch of questions at the customer support team, to see how they handle everyday queries and requests. The questions we asked and the responses we were provided with you’ll find outlined below:

Our Questions
How quickly will I see my new Followers arriving?

“In most instances, the delivery process gets going within a couple of hours and is completed within the first 72 hours.”

What’s the deal with your money-back guarantee?

“If we’re unable to deliver the Spotify Followers you order within the agreed time period, you’ll be able to apply for a full or partial refund.”

How does the delivery process work?

“You’ll see your new Spotify Followers added to your account gradually over a period of time, as would be the case when real Followers sign up to follow your Profile or Playlist.”

Could I request a free sample before buying?

“Sadly not – free samples aren’t available for the time being.”

Does it actually work?

“Spotify Followers can make a big difference to the way your account looks to other people. You’ll look more popular and benefit from enhanced credibility, though it’s up to you to provide your audience with quality music.”

What if anyone finds out I bought Spotify Followers?

“The only way this will happen is if you tell them yourself. It just isn’t going to happen as we exclusively offer 100% real Spotify Followers.”

What do you mean by real Spotify Followers?

“We mean that the Followers we provide come exclusively from authentic and active Spotify accounts worldwide. Not the kinds fake Followers that can get you in trouble.”

So my account isn’t going to be suspended?

“Not at all. It’s never happened in the history of our company – we prioritise the safety and anonymity of our customers above everything else."

Post-Order Questions and Responses

We also believe in the importance of aftercare. Far too many social sellers simply vanish into the ether after taking your payment, rather than providing ongoing support for the foreseeable future. Six weeks after placing our order with GetAFollower, we contacted the customer support team once again with a few additional questions – all of which were responded to promptly and professionally:

Our Questions
What if I lose any of the Followers I buy?

"It’s certainly a possibility, but you’re covered for 180 days under our retention warranty. So all you need to do is let us know and we will replace them for free.”

Are you sure nobody will know I bought Spotify Followers?

“Absolutely. We provide Followers that are 100% undetectable from the real thing, so neither Spotify nor its users will ever know you bought them.”

What can I do to boost my performance further?

“It’s worth considering adding our other Spotify Services to your Profile and your music – Plays, Fans and so on all making a difference.”

Can I get a discount on my next order?

“Sure, just get in touch with a member of our customer support team before you place your order and we will give you a coupon code for a discount.”

Order Recommendations

GetAFollower claims to have worked with thousands of established and undiscovered artists worldwide, boosting their performance on Spotify with social proof of the highest quality. Having seen them in action first-hand, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services for amateur and professional applications alike.

Daily Turnaround Time

When we placed our order, we were advised by a GetAFollower of an approx. delivery window of 72 hours. Hence, it was a pleasant surprise when our Spotify Playlist Followers and Profile Followers all arrived well within the 48-hour mark. They also overdelivered by around 10% in both instances, which was an equally pleasant surprise.

Quality of Twitter Likes and Followers

It’s surprisingly rare these days to come across social proof that genuinely appears authentic. Scratch beneath the surface and its all-too easy to detect fakes. In the case of GetAFollower, we examined dozens of the Spotify Followers we were provided with and were blown away by what we found. Active and authentic-looking accounts from all over the world, which we’d never have assumed were not 100% organic in nature. Genuinely impressive quality and authenticity.

Retention Rate

The fact that GetAFollower overdelivered slightly means we’re still sitting on far more than the 500 Playlist Followers and 500 Profile Followers we originally ordered. There’s a retention guarantee for peace of mind, but we’ve had no reason to use in yet.


It’s not often we come across a Spotify specialist that ticks all the right boxes, without disappointing in at least one or two areas. In the case of GetAFollower, you’re looking at exactly such a specialist. We were most impressed with the authenticity of the Followers we were provided with, along with the promptness and professionalism with which our questions were answered.

Coupled with the fact that GetAFollower charges comprehensively low prices and backs everything with a full satisfaction guarantee, you’d be hard-pressed to find a safer bet for high-quality Spotify marketing services.


User Ratings

(Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 13 customer reviews)

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Jessica Gordon
My friend suggested this Getafollower for my Spotify account. I never had trust with them. Some how he convinced to order the followers with Getafollower. Its really great to see all my followers boosted up in real quick. This broke my negative shades with them. Thank you Getafollower.

Sharon Clarke
I was working on my tracks for my album and do not know the way to reach out to larger audience as I am not a pop icon. The order with Getafollower gained all the followers that I requested with them. This gave me a confidence to add more tracks to my album

Robert Koop
The followers on the Spotify really helped me to track the likes of followers who follow me. The followers count has got increased because of Getafollower and this really helped me to improve my album.

Anthony Sanders
Without Getafollower service, my followers count on Spotify would have not got increased. This is an immense help to me. Love your service!

George Hill
I gave the album track and wanted to deliver the plays for a single track on Spotify. Customer support did follow up with me for the right track in real quick time and they have delivered the order as promised without excusing for my mistake. Amazing service!

Caleb Lee
I would say Getafollower is delivering the Top notch services compared to competitors. Especially you are the best for the Spotify services.

Rosalind Peterson
Getafollower is the name attracted me at first point. They deserve this name as they got my Spotify followers on time.

Frederick Bradshaw
Ever time I order followers for my Spotify, I have my fingers crossed and do not mind about its delivery. This is because Getafollower makes it certain on every delivery.

Clarence Galvan
I ordered the 5000 plays for my single track and soon realized that I need the play count for my another track. I did reach customer support who are so kind and helped me to split the play counts on two different tracks. Extraordinary services

Vaughn Perez
I would have waited for years for the followers count that I had as a target in my mind. Getafollower have made this easy for me with their services. I was able to get desired followers to my Spoitfy account and these were delivered on time. Excellent service.